Thursday, March 26, 2015

GEN - It Means "Great Sushi"

This week has definitely proven to be a fun week of stepping out of my comfort zone! Pedis at an island favorite yesterday and sushi at an island favorite today! I went on a fun adventure with some of the ladies in N.I.O.S.C. today down to Naha (about 45 minutes or so away from us up North) to learn all about a Japanese Tea Ceremony! (I promise I'll share all about that once I go through all the pictures and pick my favorites!) Afterwards, we went out to lunch at a restaurant called Gen that everyone raves about. (It should be noted Gen does not literally translate to "great sushi.") There was a variety of foods available: yakisoba, soba, salad, various rice dishes, and of course: SUSHI! I am not a sushi person at all, y'all. I just can't do it... or can I? I don't like fishy sushi, but I'm learning there are tons of other kinds out there and today I tried one!
Gen is located outside of Camp Foster, one of the Marine Corps bases on Okinawa, and is a tiny little "hole in the wall" restaurant. I've passed it a few times but have never been in, because, hello- I don't do sushi, and that's all I had heard about them! I had heard on Instagram that they had something called a "Mexican Roll" though, so when it came up as a suggestion for a lunch spot on our way home, I happily 2nd it thinking today was going to be the day I tried it!

When you pull up to Gen, they have the cutest collection of Sisha dogs on their roof! I could tell by that alone that this was going to be one fun place, and somewhere I would have to bring Gene!
There menu is out of this world, and I don't care how picky you are- there will be something on there for you to love! Look at all the food our group of four ordered:
Kind of working clockwise from the top left, there was a Godzilla roll (which had eel, and octopus I think?), fried rice, asparagus and bacon, a garlic butter fish platter with sashimi, a chicken teriyaki rice plate, Mexican roll, and another garlic butter fish platter with tempura. In that bowl in the middle of the table *was* little fried cheese triangles. They were yummy! I had the chicken teriyaki bowl and Mexican roll!
In Japan, it's totally cool to just pick up your sushi with your hands!
The Mexican roll was filled with a fried chicken breast strip, avocado, and cream cheese, then drizzled with a kind of chipotle type dressing. IT.WAS.DELICIOUS. I'm already thinking of how soon I can go back! Is tomorrow for lunch too early?! I think Gene has the day off, so don't be surprised if you see us there when they open! It would only be fair, since I brought him home some Mexican roll pieces, but he didn't get back to the island early enough to enjoy it before I ate it for dinner.

I never thought I would be the kind of girl who really got into Japanese food- before we moved here, there was nothing about it that interested me, but the more I adventure out with my friends, the more I am finding that Japanese (and more over- OKINAWA food!) is where it's at! I just heard that my lover, Anthony Bourdain, is filming in Okinawa this weekend for an episode of Parts Unknown. It's no wonder- the food here is amazing, and while I doubt he'd find himself at Gen, I know I will be there many more times before we leave this island!

What's YOUR favorite Sushi Roll?! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My First Okinawa Pedicure

When we found out Gene was getting orders to Okinawa that stuck, one of the first things I was told was how I would just love the pedicures here. In fact, ask most women what they're going to miss the most about their days on this island and many of them will tell you the pedicures. I can't tell you how many times I've been told how much I'll just love them and the almost outrage when people learn I have still not been to get one. Well... the shock and awe can end, because today, I went with some girlfriends for my first Okinawa pedicure at what seems to be the most beloved salon on the island: Cocok's (we went to the one on the 23. I know. I'll try the Chatan one next.)!
I haven't really had the desire to go since I kind of hate pedicures: I don't like people touching my feet because feet in general gross me out, I'm ridiculously ticklish especially on my feet, and people always hurt me because I'm pretty sure I broke my big left toe in a car accident that everyone was surprised didn't kill me back in 2009. All those reasons aside, when a friend invited me along, I was kind of ready to jump in and have this amazing experience.

You see that spread of nail art up there in the book on my lap? There were easily 20 pages full of nail art like that to pick from! So, after being seated in an over-sized recliner, brought what I think was a shikwasa tea (a local citrus fruit), and having a little blanket draped on my lap- I opened up the book and got to looking! Thank goodness they give you an amazing foot and leg massage to give you more time to browse!
I went with a pink backdrop to a floral and cheetah print nail art design. I bounced back and forth between a few designs that I kind of liked, but I figured I'd go bold with my first pedicure and man- you can't miss this pink!

The nail technicians were the sweetest girls ever. There were four of us that had gone to lunch and to the salon together, and they sat us all right in the same little spot- two facing two. We were able to laugh and talk the whole time. It was relaxing after I let myself relax. The gal who did my toes was awesome and didn't get too upset when I jerked my foot away from her from a case of the tickles! She also is maybe the first person who didn't make me wince in pain while working on my left foot during a pedicure! I think I could get used to this!

Out of our group we had cherry blossoms, koi fish, tropical flowers, and my "garden walk on the wild side" pedi! I think what I love the most about them was the nail art is just included- like, they know you're coming to get pretty nails and they do not disappoint. Also: they put a little something on every single toe, not just one flower on your big toe! Here is a group shot of our toesies for all you foot fetishists:
I don't know how often I will go, but when this pedicure starts growing out, I will make an appointment, and I will go back to get them done again. After all, I am living on a sub-tropical island! My toes have to be ready for flippy floppy season, which has already begun! I don't know if I'm already converted to the point of needing a pedicure like some gals out here, but I'll give it an honest go!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Life, Currently // March 2015

I've been in kind of a blogging funk, lately. Could you tell by the fact that I've only been writing about the things I'm reading and watching? I've been doing some fun stuff (tipsy painting, spouse club socials, and exploring), but just haven't felt the motivation to write it all out lately.  
L  e     l  a  m  e.   
I know. I thought this would be the perfect time to get a post together about all the random stuff going on in life, currently!
The view from The Tee House on Kadena AFB at a recent spouse luncheon. This was the one picture from the event I took, haha.

COOKING: Not a whole lot of anything! I've been on a real big "entree salad" kick so the most I've been cooking is bacon. I've been baking it, actually, following the recipe in Diane Sanfillippo's book Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle. It's been crunchy enough to chop and toss on salads without being ruined (like I do every time I try to pan fry bacon for salads).

DRINKING: JAPANESE COKE. Ugh, I know, I know. I've kicked the habit more times than I know, and every time I drink one I feel my mouth just getting coated in sugar. I'm actually doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox next month, partially in part due to these bad boys! I'm cutting them out, because my body just can't handle them.

LISTENING TO: My girl T SWIZZ. Say what you want, but I love Taylor Swift. Gene actually answered a question about my favorite musician at our last marriage enrichment retreat with Taylor Swift and I said "I don't think she's my favorite!" He was right though, and he said "but you always have at least one of her songs playing!" and it's true- I love every song that has come on the radio by her and I have a mix in my car of just Tay.
Album artwork from Amazon, I bought it from iTunes, though.
WATCHING: This month we decided to start getting DVDs in through Netflix. We get three at a time since it takes about 15 days from me sending one back to it getting out here! This month our picks have been: Maleficent (ok, this was all me while Gene was working nights), Let's Be Cops (this was all Gene, but I liked it enough), Brave (this one is all me, too!), The Fault In Our Stars (oh, all me with a box of tissues on standby. I don't think I've ever sobbed so hard during a movie), and Butter.

ENJOYING: Time with Maylee, a pup I am dog sitting for the week! I can't wait to share all about our week with y'all!

READING: Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption. I missed the book club meeting this weekend to talk about it, but I'm pushing through and giving it a read. We're getting together next month to watch the movie adaptation (I think! If not, I'm watching it as soon as I'm done and can rent it off iTunes).

BUYING: My most recent amazon purchases include Jojoba Oil & Zeiss pre-poistened pens cleaning wipes. I swear by those wipes. They are the best I've used! Gene uses them daily on his glasses and I use them maybe weekly (I don't wear my glasses all the time). We'd been relying on Nan to get them for us at Walmart- the only place I had ever seen them, but another victory for Amazon :D I just got the package in today, so I'll share more about the jojoba oil soon- I'm using it on my face!

What are you up to, currently?

*Any links taking you to Amazon are affiliate links. I make a fraction of a penny or so on each purchase through those links. I save up those fractions and use them on regular spending & trashy romance novels.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Queueing To Melrose Place

Back in October, 1992, I turned eight. I guess knowing that piece of information, it's no surprise that I did not tune into Melrose Place when it was first airing. I've had it in my Netflix queue for quite some time though, and my friend Nicole and I decided we would watch it together!
From: Amazon
This afternoon, Nicole came over, and after like two hours of running our mouths (ok, or maybe like three hours!), we finally watched the pilot episode. The first thing that really made us laugh was that it's a square show, not widescreen, and definitely not in high def! Then, THE OUTFITS! What in the world are those people wearing? Really? If that how people dressed in the early '90's? I mean, I was in third grade at the time, so I went from wearing a school uniform in Catholic School to public school dress code that year, and again, I was eight, but man oh man. I guess I thought I would grow up and get to dress like them!

I don't really remember too much about Melrose Place, commercials or anything, but I do vaguely remember someone gets scalped in a fight? One of the girls? I think I remember that being quite the controversy, so I'm excited to get to that point in the show, even if it takes us two years to get through the series!

That's another thing that really shocks me! Season One has THIRTY TWO EPISODES! At an average of 45 minutes an episode, that's 24 hours of TV! At the rate we're going, that'll take two months! I promise you this- before we leave this island, we will make our way through to the end and see what happens to this motley cast of characters!

For now, it's awkward watching them and thinking "wait, isn't she the mom on that show now? He's definitely a dad on a show I watch on either ABC Family, or Lifetime or something!" I don't remember any of them as young stars, but I sure know them as adults.

What are you watching?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Binge Watching // March 2015

When Gene is away, life is kind of... boring. My schedule gets all mixed up whether he's on nights or away from the island. I use that time to get intensely into shows on Netflix. The thing about watching shows on Netflix is that "binge watching" is a real thing. Like when I watched Gilmore Girls (the entire series) in a 2 week TDY with time left over, ha. I have a queue full of movies and tv shows I know Gene has zero interest in watching, so I save them up and watch the heck out them during lonely afternoons and sleepless nights.
It should be noted, these government loaner chairs are more comfortable than we thought they would be before we moved here, but I can't wait to buy our dream couch when we get back to the States!
This time around I've been watching one and two seasons of shows I've had in the queue for a while now. Most recently I finished Reckless. From what I have seen around the interwebs, this show got cancelled after one season and I can't believe it! I fell in love with the show and watched it in two nights. It's a legal drama taking place in Charleston, where Roy is from and the "Yankee Lawyer" Jamie moved to. They battle each other in the court room with new cases throughout each new episode and one major case unfolding throughout the season. It was also really awesome to hear them talk about places and know what they were referring to. My favorite was when a judge told them to quit their antics or she'd disbar them and have them serving warm beer to frat boys at Shem Creek before they knew what happened. I definitely recommend this show!
I guess I watched that one since I finished season five and six of Drop Dead Diva just before it! If you have never watched Drop Dead Diva, it is about a Lawyer, Jane, who really isn't Jane at all. Her soul is that of Deb, an aspiring model who was killed in the very beginning in a horrible car accident. When she gets to heaven, she pushes the "return" key on the keyboard of the angel processing her, and she comes back to Earth in Jane's body. She has Deb's attitude and sass with Jane's smarts and it is FABULOUS. I've seen mixed information online- I'm seeing that season 6 was the end and then I'm seeing we should be expecting season 7. Quite frankly, I hope it ended with season six: the story lines came full circle, everything was as it should be, and if they continue I think it'll be a "jump the shark" show from here on out.  
I had a little bit of a Lifetime feel this time around too- except not more Lawyers- I indulged in a little witchcraft with Witches of East End! I guess my theme for this time around could have been disappointment. Like with Reckless, Witches of East End ended all too soon for me, being cancelled after season two (or so I heard when I originally shared I was watching it). This was a really good show that I scoffed at whenever I saw previews for it on TV. I don't know- I'm not huge into these kinds of shows and they've gotten a little out of hand lately with CW vampirey/witchy/non-humany shows. I just thought this one would be horrible. I was happy to see I was wrong! Now, if someone from Lifetime could see this and bring the crew back together, that would be awesome!
I have a queue full of tv shows and movies I know Gene has zero interest in watching. I know he would watch with me to make me happy, but I think it's better to get them out of the way while he's working with a crazy schedule, than hold him hostage on the weekends watching this kind of stuff!

I have noticed myself laughing and making general statements to an empty room though: "Can you believe she just slapped him?!?!" I suppose I did this all along, but I didn't feel so crazy with three dogs to listen to me, hahaha!

What are you watching recently?

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