Friday, May 29, 2015

Getting My Happiness Planner In

I recently discovered The Happiness Planner and made my first purchase of one. Let's clear the air: I did receive a slight discount as a blogger, but purchased the planner for myself after checking it out and deciding it was something I could really benefit from in this phase of my life. It's not really a planner planner, but more like a journal in a planning format... if that makes sense! BONUS: it got here super quick and actually came in yesterday- just before I go in for my uterine biopsy later today! If there was ever a time for happy mail, that would be it!

I decided to do an "unboxing" vlog since they seem to be all the rage and I got squared away with my recording issues. Clocking in at just shy of 18 minutes, it's a long one, but if you are interested in a happiness planner of your own, I think it's well worth the time. Also: I think I'm just a blast to hang out with. I also talk about leaving steak knives all around the house, and you don't want to miss out on that tidbit! Don't worry- go get a drink refill! I'll be here waiting when you get back!
I talk briefly about the sadness I am feeling in my life right now. I know it's not a "depression" sadness, as I have battled depression throughout my life, but it's a feeling of discontent. It's very hard to explain, but I knew I needed to change it! I am really looking forward to jumping in and beginning that change now. As previously mentioned, I'm going in for my biopsy today, and I have no clue what to expect other than I don't think I'll be doing much getting out and about this weekend... recovery time and all! So, this weekend I am setting aside time to cozy up in the office and get into the opening exercises to prepare myself for a start on Monday!

I'll be sharing over on Instagram (@tyrplans) if you are so inclined to follow along with my 100 days! It's going to be an exciting rush, I can feel it already! I may or may not blog about it during my 100 days, but I'll be sure to come back in September and let you know how I feel about the process!
Do you take time to plan your happiness?
Do you keep a journal to promote a better outlook?

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Finding Joy In My Everyday // Brazilian BBQ, Listing, and Happy Mail

It's been a while since I stopped to reflect on the little things in life around here. I try to in my daily life, and actually plan on devoting a section in my planner to taking note of the little things happening daily that make me smile, bring me comfort, and make life better. I'm going in for my uterine biopsy tomorrow, so when Hope reached out to me on twitter about this link up, I knew it was the perfect time, so, I'm joining in and sharing some of the things that have brought me joy over the last week or so!
Hop on over to Hope's post to link up!
First and foremost: I had my very first Brazilian BBQ experience this past weekend! It was amazing and something I hope we do more of! I mean, meat, on meat, on meat? Sign me up. Also, one of the servers looked like he could have been Johnny Depps' cousin or something, am I right?
This week I decided I am going to join in the #ListersGottaList challenge by The Reset Girl! It's basically fun journaling prompts every day that you complete with a quick & easy list! Some are fun and lighthearted while there are a few other ones that make you stop and really reflect. I think it will be fun to look back on them over the years and see how my lists would change depending on the phase of life I am in! You can find out more about it on her site: Listers Gotta List! You can follow along with my lists on instagram @tyrplans!
This week I have also had quite a fun time with HAPPY MAIL!!! I've gotten in some stickers from a few etsy shops for my planner, including Ladybugz Designz, PB&J Paperie, and Karolinas Krafts! I have also ordered some, which fills me with joy knowing they are on their way to me! It's always fun going to the post office and actually finding something in our box waiting for me! I am also loving spreading that happiness to others in my RAK Project! I've been writing up postcards to send out to friends, both new & not, real life & virtual! I can't wait to see where this hobby or spreading joy takes me!
This week has been a pretty good week for me, filled with many small moments of joy. I hope your week has been as well! To see more of my moments of joy as they are happening, be sure to follow me over on instagram @theyoungretiree!

Where are you finding joy?
Where are you making joy for others?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My RAK Project!

You know when something weighs heavy on your heart, and you know you need to do something about it? That has been me lately. I don't know if there's something in the air or what, but I've seen quite a few people struggling- both friends I have known for a long time, new friends, and people I follow on social media. I am seeing new mamas struggling with their little ones, I've seen wives struggle with their husband's schedule, I've seen women I admire struggling with aging, I've seen gals struggling with their health and weight loss journey... I guess that's where my generation is at in our lives?
Pin from Random Acts of Kindness board by The Young Retiree on Pinterest
I want to reach out and hug so many of them, but there's simply no way I could do that, and even if I could, that would kind of be super creepy. I can send a symbolic little hug in the form of a random act of kindness, though! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a self made millionaire or anything, but I feel like dropping a $1 roll of washi in a bubble mailer and sending it off for a couple of bucks could brighten someone's day. I feel like those few Jamberry wraps I'm never going to use on my toes could cheer someone up. I feel like a row of stickers off one of my sheets might really excite someone. When I'm at Family Mart, maybe picking up a little Japanese treat and dropping it in the mail is just what a new friend could use in her life right now. Maybe just a postcard of a beautiful beach is enough to find in your mailbox, on some random day, to remind you everything will be alright and add a ray of sunshine to your week!
Pin from Random Acts of Kindness board by The Young Retiree on Pinterest
I've been thinking about how feasible this would be for me to do. I have postcards and stamps just wasting away in my office. I have stickers, and Jamberry wraps, and washi ready to go. I have stationery where I could write a friendly hello and drop it in the mail box. So: I decided I was really being called to this- to brighten the day of friends and strangers alike! I'm so excited to start a Random Acts of Kindness Project!

I would love for you to sign up below if you are interested in finding a little happiness in your mailbox! Share it with your friends- I don't have to know the people signing up to share some sunny mail with them!

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I hope you will follow along on instagram (@theyoungretiree), if you're on there! I'll be hashtagging any posts about my project #TYRRAK! Maybe you'll be inspired to join in, in big ways or small ways, in your community, or on a broader scale! There's just something so fulfilling about helping another person in a random way! I can't wait to see the happiness this will bring to others!

Have you ever given random acts of kindness?
I'd love to hear about them!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Getting My Green On

I've been alone around these parts quite often lately. Gene has been travelling quite a bit for work, and when he's not travelling, he has been putting in long and hard hours. This means we haven't always been eating quite like we should. I've been having late lunches and using them as dinners since I was by myself. We've been missing out on our fruits and veggies big time, so I decided to step back into one of my favorite ways of getting them in: GREEN SMOOTHIES!
I got BIG into green smoothies a few years ago, and I allowed myself to be swayed away from them by misunderstanding something an influential member of the Paleo community had to say about juicing. I was new to smoothies and thought they were a great way to get great nutrition in when I wouldn't normally, but this person said something to the effect of "eat your food, don't drink it!" and I kind of agreed. Cut to earlier this year I see that same person talking about the benefits of green smoothies, and I made my mind up: I wasn't going to listen to anyone except my body.

With all of my health issues lately, I've stepped back and tried to remember what I was doing when I felt my absolute best. I was walking a few miles a day and I was drinking my green smoothies daily in addition to enjoying a whole foods approach to meal planning. Even when I was doing the 21 Day Fix, I struggled getting in my fruits and veggies. I'm changing that for us!

I have been making the "beginner's luck smoothie" from Simple Green Smoothies. I even got Gene on board with them (even though he doesn't look too pleased in this picture- he doesn't mind them).
It's a basic recipe that is super easy to make up! I put 2 cups of fresh spinach into my vitamix, with 2 cups of water, and blend until it's a juice. I add in my 2 bananas, 1 cup of fresh pineapple, and 1 cup of frozen mango, and blend that until it is a smoothie, maybe 30 seconds! That serves two, so I'm getting THREE servings of fruit (I try to get green tipped bananas to keep the sugar a little lower) and a serving of veggies! This is the only "serving" of fruit I get in a day. I'm working on adding in coconut oil too- hello health benefits!

I've got a pin board going where I've been saving some fun recipes and "smoothie type stuffs" I've found on the interwebs! Hop on over and follow along there as well as on Instagram (@theyoungretiree), where I'm always sharing our smoothies!

Follow Elizabeth, The Young Retiree's board Green Smoothies on Pinterest.

Do you drink green smoothies? 
I'd love if you left a recipe for us in the comments to one of your favorite recipes!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

100 Miles of Summer Challenge

Earlier this week I saw a fun post on Instagram from Jost Running (@jostrunning) about their fun virtual challenge to get in 100 miles this summer, before August 31st! I hadn't been out for a walk in a week and was needing motivation, so I committed to doing this one! I could walk a mile a day in the Okinawa heat & humidity if there was a sweet medal waiting for me at the end and a virtual community for support!
I was then approached by Jost Running and offered a discount if I could gather a team of ten ladies on the island to join me! "In this Okinawa heat and humidity? Good luck!" I thought! I posted on Facebook, not expecting to get nine more ladies, asking if anyone was interested. I now have a local team of over thirty ladies who are completing this challenge!!! You guys, that motivation got me right out and moving last night for my first mile and a half!
You can follow my progress with pots like this on instagram @theyoungretiree!
So now, I am working on a fun celebration banquet for the end of summer! I'll be handing out our medals, and I'm working on swag bags for all participants and fun prizes for whoever got the most miles above and beyond their 100, whoever got to 100 first, and whoever had the fastest 100 miles! I think a little stiff competition adds to the fun of it all! I've created a little facebook group to support each other, motivate each other, and maybe even get some gals together for runs or walks! I guess I can add race event coordinator to my unofficial resume!

To follow along with my progress, make sure you're following over on Instagram, where I'll be sharing my daily-ish #TYR100MilesOfSummer moments.

Are you running or walking any fun events this summer?
What do you think would be awesome in our swag bags 
and runners prizes?

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