Friday, May 14, 2010

Dinner in the Brig

The hubster and I went out to eat last night because my day was HORRID! I really wanted a mango margarita, which can be found at Miguel's, a little Mexican place on the island. They do not have a bar though, you have to sit at a table, and take up a waiter's space. After being a waitress I can tell you nothing is worse than a couple who comes in for a drink and leaves. You just cost me a good tip.

We went to a place called the Brigantine. It's a seafood/steak place here on the island. It reminded me of a place back East: One Fish Two Fish, except not on the water and it had more than 8 things on the menu. I asked for a mango margarita, as the young lady at Miguel's said we could get them there as well. No, my friends, no you cannot! Instead, our server asked if I would like to try a mango mojito. My first thought was "Hello! Mojitos are so five years ago!" My second thought was "If I don't like it, I'll make them take it back, or make Gene drink it!"The hubster ordered a Coco Mojito in anticipation for me not liking the mango one. The Coco one was made with my favorite: MALIBU! I indeed ended up drinking the coco mojito and hubs drank the frilly mango one. The things we do for love!

We had a truly delicious dinner though! We got there early enough to have the Brigantine First Catch which is a three course meal for the price of the entree! Not too shabby! I started with the soup of the day, some Ranchero Beef and Kidney Bean. It was surprisingly good. Followed by a Grilled Tenderloin Papperdelle Pasta and finished with Apple Peach Crumble. The pasta dish was very reminiscent of a dish at Freemason Abbey back home: Gouda Tenderloin. I missed home more and more with each bite.

Hubs started with Ahi Tuna Tartare. He had no idea it was raw until he got it, had no clue what it was, and I told him. He ate it though. He then had a Grilled Marinated Swordfish and finished with Creme Brulee and most of my crumble. It was nice. It was a fancy dinner and we got dressed kind of fancy for the occasion. I just had a bad day and needed to feel good! I needed to be fancy! I needed to be away from the apartment! It was a nice little bike ride there and back. . . just what I needed. And, I got to wear my white capri pants with my plaid "pink lemonade" Talbot's top! (I even threw on some make-up!) It was a *date night*

A date night that we needed! I thought date nights were only for those couples who had kids and needed to get away, but it turns out, we need them too! Sure we go out, but it's not get fancy and go type go out! It was so nice to look good, and feel good, and eat with the grown up crowd! I think we're going to do date night at least once a month, and I think we should stick to going places we've never been or have only been to once. It's good for the soul, go grab your spouse and go on a date!


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