Friday, October 29, 2010

Yous Wanna Tawlk Abowd It

Your speech patterns and the accent that you will speak with are all formed between the ages of 2 and 5. {I remember seeing this somewhere, but don't know where... psych or sociology class or something.} When I was between those ages I was being moved from Virginia to Connecticut. Needless to say- my speech pattern is all a muck. I also have a penchant for speaking like the people around me and can adapt very quickly to new accents, making certain words a part of my regular vocabulary.


Previously I've shared how I love Jersey Shore for the accents. It's true. They remind me of everything right in this world. I may be from Virginia {NOT the south, mind you}, but I tend to have more a northern/ northeastern United States accent... especially when I get excited or upset and talk too fast. I was shocked earlier today when I was returning the key from the gift shop at the quarterdeck and said "thanks y'all!" The three young sailors looked at me as if I was nuts, and responded with "no worries." No worries" being a mostly west coast thing, that I have already caught myself saying! For the record- it's "y'all" people, not "ya'll". It's combining you with all. "y apostrophe all."

When I was 19, I spent a month in Kentucky. Marion County {over in the northwestern portion of the state.} to be exact. When I got home, you would have thought I grew up there! I sounded more hick than Cooter Brown. {No offense to any Kentuckians out there!}

I went to high school with a Canadian, and over the years began saying "sorry" more like "sore-y".

When I get really upset I talk super fast. I spit out "yous" as made famous by Angelina on Jersey Shore about how "all of yous" make her mad or whatever. All my life there has been an urban feel to my speech when I get angry.

Water is never pronounced like that, it's more like "wood-er". Forget about caramel! Everything is "coke". I don't care if I'm going to the store for Mt. Dew... I am just getting in the habit of calling this all "soda" as I realize "coke" is a brand name and not a general type of beverage.

Being a navy spouse, I get to experience all kinds of accents. I would love to say the hubs doesn't make fun of me, but he does. Here's my plea: don't make fun of accents! You never know why someone has such a messed up speech pattern, and quite frankly, the way yous tawlk sounds just as funny to them.

Cuddles and Kisses,
The Mrs.


Jessica Lynn said...

Haha that was hilarious (in a funny, not-making-fun-of-you type of way)! Whenever I try to fake an accent I get made fun of. I'm sure it's for good reason, but I think it sounds perfectly fine in my head!

Nicole said...

love this! i haaaaaate when people say y'all...or add "ALL" to anything.

"what ALL did you do today?" Whyyyy do people DO THAT?! I will tell you everything, no need to say ALL.

I swear, only people down south do that. I might not pronounce all my letters (thanks Boston!) but atleast I'm grammatically correct when I speak!

Poekitten said...

I'm from MA and growing up I had a wicked Boston accent. In college I got teased about it a lot and when I lived in Asia not everyone understood me. So I worked on it and I no longer what my Boston accent:( The only time is comes out now is when I'm really tired or saying idea. Since Bostonians like to leave the r's out, they have to go someplace...and idea becomes idear. No idea why.

JG said...

Yes, y'all and a perfectly grammatically correct word. A contraction for the plural second person. :)

And it's all Coke to me. :)

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