Monday, December 27, 2010

What's Your Secret

It's time for my favorite Post Secrets of the week and what they mean to me. This week there were many good ones, and I narrowed it down to three:

I have never felt more free than kneeling Friday night in church next to a friends children.
She invited me to Midnight Mass with them, and I gladly took the offer to not worship alone.
I may not make it every Sunday, and I may not be the best Catholic around,
but my Faith in God lifts my soul when I need it most.

I laughed out loud at this one thinking of my grandmother. I KNOW!
She almost died in childbirth to her 4th child. The doctor's tried to put her on BC.
She said she couldn't, she was Catholic.
The Doctor asked if the Pope was going to raise her kids when she was dead.
She is still alive and kicking, with 5 kids.
This one made me think about it though: we judge people way to harshly, when the only one entitled to do the judging is God himself. What give Catholics, and Christians the right all around, to judge people and threaten them with eternal damnation? That's not our call to make, and I try to remember that, even in the midst of my catty affairs sometimes.
 Then we have what just might be my favorite of the week:

After spending this Christmas alone, I can tell you it is not something I loved. I would prefer to spend the holidays alone, with my husband. The main reason for this is my family is PSYCHOTIC. I tell Nan all the time that she needs to just write everything down and make a best selling novel. She doesn't even have to do anything but sit and watch the drama unfold around her. I have never been more relieved than to not have to deal with it all. This Christmas was quite possibly the least stressful of my life, in part, because I was alone and away from it all.
 Do you have a favorite secret? I also enjoyed the one about dog sitting and thinking about other people's thoughts. I've thought about sending a secret in, but I don't really have anything worthy of being published. Maybe this year, like one other poster, I will make it a resolution to send one in.

Cuddles and Kisses,
The Mrs.


Cat said...

I'm devoutly Catholic (LOVED the first one), and I also don't believe in birth control. But if one of my friends died in a car wreck and I found condoms in there, there would be no judgment. First of all, you would be more focused on bereaving the death of your friend. Also, as a good Catholic, you know that God is the only judge. You never know what that person had confessed, believed, or what was on their heart at the very end. We can forgive and we can pray for souls in purgatory (I don't think birth control is a mortal sin anyway), but we really should not judge a person's relationship with the Creator. (I'm not saying I don't judge people, but it is definitely a sin that needs confessing because it is essentially trying to be God.)

One of my fave quotes: Two things I know for sure--there is a God and I am not Him.

Elizabeth @ The Young Retiree said...

No, I guess I didn't phrase the second one too well. I didn't mean we all judge, but there's the perception that we do. I mean, this person was scared enough to send in the secret, about her friends. I agree with you- I think there would be much more focus on the loss, not the contents of the purse.

Amanda said...

That last one was my favorite this week. Or, at the least, it's the one that got the biggest reaction from me. This is our first Christmas in the states since 2002; I thought I was going to be over the moon. Do you know I felt more lonely this year? We don't have the friends around us that we had last year, and our families just aren't around. I wanted to crawl through the computer and tell that person, "No you don't! You just think you do!"

Adrienne Smith said...

Bahhaha! I read these this week too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE PostSecret! (I have yet to send in a secret though!)

I am not religious at all what-so-ever. I don't really understand the reasoning behind not believing in birth control. But I find it pretty funny!

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