Monday, March 7, 2011

This Is Not Your Life

Rant commence:

Tonight began what I will refer to as my social networking nightmare (SNN).

I don't know if you've heard of a little network that airs a little show that follows a group of women (and one character who just so happens to be the token black guy and reason we're not military "wives" but "spouses"). Last season I watched every Sunday night, especially while my husband was deployed, and grew to loathe the show. It feeds on this mentality of sensationalism.

Furthermore, in my experience as a Navy wife, there are too many women out there pretending this is their life. No, no it is not. No matter how sassy you think you are, your name is not Roxy LeBlanc. So you have kids, so your husbands plans change, so you deal with struggles just like every military spouse. You're not them. End of story.

Oh, but wait, there's another show following it now that is all the rage- more so (dare I say) than cupcakes! "Coming Home": the reality show about homecomings. First, I can't stand "reality" and second, shouldn't that be a special moment shared between a man and his wife, children, family? I guess it's the naive newness of spousedom for me, but I just wouldn't want cameras following me as I get to welcome my husband back home after worrying for 6-18 months about his safety. That's a moment for me and my husband, not the world.

There are so many emotions associated with deployments and military life in general. Since when did we start glamorizing them and marketing the lifestyle as the latest trend. Furthermore, we are creating a generation of Lifetime viewers who will become "tag chasers" (which is a term I think I'm using properly, I've seen it around the blogosphere lately). I see women blogging about how they hate women like that, but think about shows and movies from your youth- didn't everyone want a Matt Damon or Brad Pitt, a military man like Chase is much more attainable.

Don't complain about the girls at bars on Fridays and Saturdays trying to pick up soldiers and sailors, when we feed into the sensationalism on Sunday nights.

End le rant.

Cuddles and Kisses,
The Mrs.

PS: This is a rant of the Elizabeth Blogging System. I don't need to hear about ho much you love the shows, you're already killing my news feed.


CJ said...

love this post!

~The Buzuleciu's~ said...

I couldnt agree with you more!

Photina said...

I COMPLETELY agree with you about 'Coming Home.' We have had 4 homecomings and at each of them I was so happy to just see my husband I wouldn't have had time to think about a movie camera somewhere following me around. I liked having the moment with my family. I have had a friend take pictures for us this last deployment because it was Holli's real first time seeing her daddy. Nothing big, just simple candids when the girls saw him.

Sespi said...

I won't say anything about Army Wives, since I know everyone either loves it or hates it. But I had a thought about "Coming Home." Granted, our homecomings are not big deals - it's just me picking up Chris at the airport, and there's maybe one other Sailor with him. But if someone called me and said, "Hey, we can get your Sailor home a few months earlier" or "Hey, we can make sure your Sailor is there for this special moment that you were so sad about him missing" and all I had to do was agree to let them film it? You bet your butt I'd agree!

MrsMcDancer said...

I didn't watch either last night, but I have to say I both agree and disagree. I definitely think too many people out there think their life is just like the tv show and it's irritating. As for the Coming Home, I do agree that homecomings are very special moments and I definitely wouldn't want the whole world to see it, but I do wish I had a camera following me around to film the moments that get lost in all the nerves and excitement. I will never forget the moment my husband came home and met our son, but I wish that I had a video to show him when he gets older, since he will never remember that special moment, but alas, my life is no tv show ;)

Sespi said...

Err... although I realize that not all the homecomings on "Coming Home" were arranged to make sure someone was home for a special thing. But some people just like to surprise their families. And I like to watch them :)

Cat said...

I think someone commented on my blog a while back trying to recruit me for a Coming Home episode. Need to go find that now. I didn't see it, but at the same time, I think the emotions of homecoming--if portrayed correctly--could be awesome for the rest of the world to see. I always loved reading the articles in the Pilot with lots of pictures of homecomings.

As for Army Wives, blech. Not a fan.

Jessa said...

Definitely agree! I can't watch reality tv because I have no idea where in fact the actual reality is. And you are completely right when you say that they'll make the military spouse lifestyle seem glamorous which will end with women tag chasing and then left feeling completely disillusioned when reality sets in.

USMCWIFE said...

THANK GOODNESS !! I thought I was the only one!! LOL. Some of the young wives at our battalion were raving about this on facebook and saying how when people (civdiv) see this show it makes them realize how hard our lives were...I was like really?? Really?? This show doesn't even scratch the surface of what our lives are really like. And I was contacted by the Homecoming show to film our homecoming last year and no way my hubs would have wanted anything like that near us. I can't vouch for the token "dude spouse" because we are an infantry battalion and we have no make spouses but even if so he would be considered a "Jody"! LOL how funny I thought it was just me that was repulsed by these shows.

hurryupandwaitandwait said...

I'm not going to lie... I've never seen Army Wives or the Coming Home show (But my FB news feed is swarming with comments on how good it is from people who A. Don't serve our country and B. Don't have any real tie to the military so they have NO clue what it's really like.)
This post is like you took the words I've been thinking about these shows after simply seeing the previews from them and put them into a blog post. Thank you for verbalizing what I've been thinking. I love this post!! You are awesome!

Mrs. H said...

Your snarky-ness was so funny :D
I give you 5 stars and 10 thumbs up (that's how awesome you are.)

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