Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Celebrity Sightings | 4.30.2011

No doubt people traverse to Hollywood in hopes of seeing celebrities. I know Sarah would have flat fallen out if she got see one up close. While we were in Hollywood we did get to see some famous people! We saw Johnny Depp a few times, a la Pirates of the Caribbean, some princesses, some spidermen, oh, a really good Michael Jackson (although I was too close by the time I realized it to get a picture without being in his face!) and a Hawaiian Elvis.

Here are four in one picture!
1. Tranny Cat woman
2. Some princess?
3. Darth Vader
4. Awesome and sexy Cat woman
The hubs and I learned in Vegas that they pretty much expect you to pay them when you get your picture taken with them, and even just for snapping a shot of them. I am willing to bet they make BANK! I would have to in order to stand in the 94 degree weather (yes- I saw that on the electronic sign outside of KTLA! That was around 4 in the afternoon too!) in black leather or a giant costume. We saw Darth and another guy counting their wads of money in a hallway area.

I also got some aerial shots while we were waiting for our tour to start!

Woody, Mario, Buzz and the killer from the played out Scream quartetogy (since it's no longer a trilogy?)
I must say the worst part was these "celebrities" are human. We saw Shrek on our way to the bathroom. He was a big ol' black guy. I know this because his Shrek face was on the table in front of him. He was talking smack about Spiderman or something. Can you imagine being 5 and seeing that?!?

We passed Michael Myers in his bloody overalls towards the end of the day and I said "Oh, creepy." He heard me and said "I'm not creepy, I'm sexy baby!" I kind of enjoyed the innocent flirtatious banter between he and I. I did not tip him for the awkward thrill.

It was neat seeing these "celebrities"- I think next time I'll have a couple of ones and get my picture with a few. One of the Johnny Depp's were dead on while another had his real life girlfriend hanging all over him- it kind of killed it.  
Cuddles and Kisses,
The Mrs.


Mrs. S said...

Princess is Rapunzel from "Tangled". I would have fallen over if we had seen a "real" celebrity.

Marianne said...

Have you ever spotted a real celeb? The only ones I've seen, and these are seriously not even worthy of mentioning, are the Navy guy that was the Bachelor in 06 I think? I saw him on Waikiki beach. Giant tool. Obviously a HUGE celeb considering I don't even know his name hahah. And then I saw Jerry O'Connell in Honolulu, too. L-A-M-E.

Sun Dry said...

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