Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What Dreams May Come

Ever since getting word that we have our paper orders, I have been a WRECK in dreamland. I thought it would be the other way around and I wold have sleepless nights before only to be soothed upon the news. Incorrect.

The night I got the e-mail from hubs I had [what I thought was] the strangest dream ever. There is a house on the way out of my town to the freeway, we were there. Except the house was in the mountains [where I think it looks like it belongs as a ski lodge instead of a Southern California ranch]. The house was not a house at all- it was Ancient Art Tattoo from Virginia Beach, VA.

Don't you think this would be pretty in the Rockies or Montana?
Anyway. They were holding an auction fr some fundraiser and auctioning off tattoos. I bid for the first tattoo at the new parlor/cabin. The opening bid was $25. I won. The woman doing the auction said the first one was lucky and they were just taking the first bidder. Awesome sauce.

I stood in line and when they first opened I was the only one allowed in. The tattoo artist was someone I knew in real life. Upon waking up though I don't remember who he was, only that he was familiar to me. I had no say in the tattoo- it was the artists choice. He told me he was working on the perfect design and knew it would be great for me. He wanted to do it on my right wrist, like on the inside where you would check for a pulse.

It was a gorgeous yellow house. Two stories with balconies similar in fact to the house that was transformed into the cabin. There was a library room that was made out of glass and there were bird holes in the walls so birds could come and go. It was incredibly detailed and he explained it all to me. You could see the pool in the back yard through the library. He told me in order to get a good grip on my wrist I would sit behind him and he would take my rm, under his armpit kind of, so it was like I was riding a motorcycle, my arm wrapping up to his grip.

I was with a friend. Someone from back home. She laughed and told him my husband was deployed and not to be offended if I cuddled him. He kind of grinned back at me. I hugged his wast with my other hand and nuzzled my head onto his shoulder. I fell asleep. [no dream within a dream, thank heavens!]

I woke up cuddling with my pillow. Awkward.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Then, a few nights later, I have this strange dream where deployment is over and we're getting ready for a cross country road trip back home, except hubs has his hands full of money. Like, hundred dollar bills. Turns out, he's not in the Navy anymore, but they retired him even after only ten years of service. I forget the rest of it really. It just kind of fades. The part of hubs was not played by him, but the tattoo artist from the previous dream.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Last night I had a dream where a friend and I were on the Freeway, on motorcycles, and there was construction and you had to get off, but we didn't in time an had to go to this holding cell area. Eric Estrada was the CHP tat came over to us [which makes sense because I call all CHP Estrada]. I had left my purse in the other room and when I went to get it a group of thugs had taken everything out and I freaked on them. I asked for my DL, Mil I.D. and our Shell Gas card back. Oleek was the main thug. I don't know. I went crazy white girl on him n he ended up throwing this huge wallet at me and let me dig through and find everything of mine before I beat the crap out of him.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

They have all been very vivid and real. I hope it stops soon! I'm not even eating late at night of before bed- I have no clue what it is... but until it stops I guess I'll continue to be entertained.

Cuddles and Kisses,
The Mrs.


Courtney said...

I almost always have very very vivid dreams but I have been having some pretty odd ones lately too. I am chalking it up to homecoming jitters! I hope your dreams subside or become more pleasant at least!

If Love Was Water, I'd Give You The Sea said...

Wait until that little one fills up your tummy, then the dreams will get even crazier!! You have had very detailed dreams lately!!

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