Friday, June 3, 2011

SMHS | Neighborly Edition

I know I've been lacking in the Sh*t My Husband Says department during deployment, but another funny e-mail exchange took place the other day! I wrote about it before I wrote about the last SMHS, but forgot it sitting in the drafts!

Naturally, I am here battling the new neighbor issues on my own, so I write him this:


ugh- some young punks moved in next door today, where the older people lived. I didn't even see them move out! I was standing in the bedroom, trying to figure out why Bosco and Fiona were going crazy, and I hear this "Hey"... mind you I'm not even in the doorway, but in the actual bedroom. UGH- intrusive neighbors. He informed me they just moved in. I said nice and retreated further into the house. There was three guys and a chick. My age, about. Smokers. REDNECKS.

I'm hoping to lay low for the next x weeks and let you deal with them.

I think I can avoid any interaction. Um, because we're not friends with these people, we're neighbors. It's like Uncle Pat* and James* moved in next door... hillbilly delux. Oh, and they have a yappy dog, which makes our little yappy dogs more yappy. GREAT. Welcome home :( The neighborhood just went to hell. Should I start looking for a different house, hahaha.

I hope they don't try talking over the fence to me. I'm not from the effing south where that shit happens. I'll keep you posted.

Love you!
*I love my Uncle Pat to death! He is the black sheep of the family and calls people out on it. He did shots with me and hubs at our wedding. He is the best Uncle. He lives in he sticks of Chesapeake, VA and flies a Confederate flag in the backyard... "because it's History". Yeah. He's a good ol' Southern boy who works with his hands and works hard to make a living. You take him or leave him. James is just my obnoxious brother... I try not to talk about him ... ever.

Anyway- the response I got from the hubs?

That's great news!
Love you and miss you,
I.KID.YOU.NOT. I edited nothing except his name.
Naturally, my response:

Do you even read what I write? How is any of that "great news"?
Hahaha, I mean, really? He replied that he was being facetious. Well- I found nothing funny about his lack of concern. I hope he enjoys it when he gets home. No worries- I have more stories about our new neighbors coming soon.

Cuddles and Kisses,
The Mrs.

*I do not endorse the flight of the Confederate flag, nor do I mean any harm with the phrase Redneck. I mean, it is what it is folks.


Katie said...

I just choked on my coffee! This is totally a response I would get from Frank! Our husbands are too funny!

sunshine said...

Yeah, that's a very fulfilling response from him, NOT! Funny though... I hope u don't have to deal with the neighbors too much, have a great weekend! :)

*~BrittDill~* said...

Lol that is too much. I would have wrote back some completely made up story that would shock him just to see if he was reading!

L0veLindsey said...

What a snot..that sounds like something my husband would say! We have neighbors directly behind us and one on each side of our house.. The family we like is leaving and quite frankly the other two suck! On one side their dogs are breaking down the fence and the people behind us well... they're just CRAZY assholes! I feel for ya, I really do! Hopefully you're just judging a book by its cover and they turn out really nice!! If not I'm really sorry.. crappy neighbors suck!

By the way, I'm having a giveaway on my blog!

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