Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Candycane Kissed Cupcakes :: How Pinteresting!

Months or so ago I saw the cutest cupcakes on Pinterest. I knew I had to have my attempt at making them! This was the picture that got me hooked::

{Image from PickyPalate via Me on pinterest}

How are those not the most adorable things you've ever seen in your life? I was hooked on the idea of them and just knew I would conquer them... until I clicked over to Picky Palate and read the comments for the post! It was decided if I was going to make these, I would be buying the mini cheesecake pan. By the time I realized I would need it I did some shopping around between Sur La Table (which looked like the better deal) and Williams Sonoma (which has my devotion). I was torn and didn't get one.

I just knew I could make them in cupcake tins... with some cake batter... and they would be ok. Well friends:

This happened in my kitchen y'all!

I was not overly impressed with how they came out, but Hubs was thrilled, so... Winning? I was most impressed with my ability to make the chocolate topping! I was really scared to try it, even though it seemed easy enough- and it was!

'Tis the season for baking! We'll be attempting a new spin on gingerbread cookies this week... for Santa ;)

How is your holiday baking going? Have you tried any new recipes this year thanks to your OPP (Old Pal Pinterest!)?


Mary said...

I always liked Blogger better. I, too, am a young retiree!

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