Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Bee Story : Discovering I'm Allergic!

Last night was a normal night... until it wasn't! Around 7:15 I was taking the trash out like normal in preperation of our trashmen coming at 0'Dark Thirty this morning. Trash and recycling bins were at the street and I was taking one of my yard waste bins down the driveway when I felt a bug or something on my finger. I waved my hand around in the air and the bug would not leave! It was just past dusk and went to flick the bug away with my right hand. That's when it happened and my whole life was changed!

I felt a surge of pain instantly and knew I had been stung! In a knee jerk reaction I pulled the stinger from my finger, went in the house and called Nan. I poured some peroxide over the spot on my finger and asked her what she thought I should do. In a metter of minutes my finger began to swell, go tingly, then faded to numbness. I began to freak out and was not interested in a trip to the ER.

I called my pharmacist as there is a little Doc in the Box place next to them. I thought he might be able to help me first (and for free!) so I explained what was happening and he let me know I was having an allergic reaction to a bee sting. AWESOME. He told me to take some Benedryll- so I head up to Rite Aid to get some. I couldn't find it on the shelves, so I asked him where it was. He helped me find it, explained to me how to take it, and also let me know I should make an appointment to see my PCP ASAP to get an epipen. No lie: he told me I would live tonight, but you never know when I'll be somewhere hiking and unable to get to safety... and die.


You can see the swelling going down in this picture documenting the fateful event. At 27, my list of allergies just keeps growing! Gracious! I guess I'll be wearing long sleeves and yard gloves next time I take out my trash!



The New Normal said...

Yikes! That's scary! I'm terrified of bees because my grandfather was deathly allergic to them and I'm afraid of being stung. I've been stung by other things before and had slight reactions, but bees terrify me! Glad you are OK!

Jessica Lynn said...

Aaaah! SO scary! I'm glad you're okay! Bees freak me out.

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