Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday Confessional :: I'm Your Creepy Neighbor

I don't exactly know how it happened. I know how it started, but then it took a turn for the worst and before I knew it I was a creepy neighbor stalking statistics on my neighbors houses! I wasn't acting alone and if anything I was the mere accomplice!

I also peek out my blinds like I'm the president of neighborhood watch!
You see: Nan babysat two kids from the time the youngest was born. Well- he's a freshman in high school and his sister is getting ready to graduate! They have accepted Nan into their family like she was their own grandmother. The kids grew up knowing her the same way you would a grandma and so it is nothing for me to call and she be out with the boy running errands, or in playing cards with him.

Earlier this week I called and they were out running around. I called back again and they were eating dinner. When Nan called me back I had no idea he was still there and I began talking about the people across the street moving. Their house has been on the market for gosh, close to 2 months now! There used to be people in and out of the house for viewings, but slowly the numbers dwindled. Naturally, being the gossipy gal that I am I talked to Nan about how I was sure they were asking too much, or the back yard must be as awful as the front was before they gave it some good curb appeal!

Low and behold the boy she babysat asked what the address was and looked it up! He then e-mailed me a link and we talked about the pictures of the house they'd posted and how I'd change our house to look slightly more like this or that in theirs if we owned it. We talked about how they were easily asking for $60,000 more than I would pay for the house even though they are obviously trying to make the most of their investment!

Then he began looking at all the houses on the street on some website where he could tell when each one was sold and how much it sold for! We talked about how we would or would not have paid that for the various homes on the block. We talked about the cute one down the end of the street for sale at a reasonable price that has been on the market since we began renting here- a year and a half ago!

Lord help us- we gossiped about them all! So there you have it folks: I'm the creepy neighbor who has a little James Bond computer whiz kid in my corner an we're finding out about your house!



Marinewife1111 {Marcella} said...

At our last duty station, we had big windows across the front of our living room that faced the street. I couldn't help but become the nosy neighbor that knew everyone's schedules and if something looked out of place.

Courtney said...

The house next door to us just went up for sale on Monday, and you bet I've been looking online to find out the asking price and see pics of the inside! They're asking $14,000.00 more than we paid for our house a year ago! And the inside isn't even all that great!

You're not the only creepy stalker neighbor.

Lani @ Its My Life said...


ines said...

about +10 years ago when my brother was in college he had to come home because of a knee injury he had to get surgery on. for 2 months he barely left the house because of how his knee had to be elevated and moved by a machine all the time. he was so bored (bless him!) that in the end he situated himself infront of these two large windows in the living room staring out to the street. well, i remember coming home one day and him telling me that he thinks our neighbors to one side are definitely drug dealers; neighbors on the other side are definitely doing that...basically all the neighbors on our street where doing something illegal. i couldn't stop laughing, he looked just like James Stewart in "Read Window"

MiMi Dibble said...

Blahahhhaaa too funny! When I lost my job last year, I became that very same neighbor. Hillarious!

Jane said...

I love looking up real estate and critiquing their houses... haha Too bad I can't do that with my neighbors because we all are in Army housing. But, don't you worry, I find other ways to gossip about them.

Amanda said...

Bahahaha this made me laugh. I am totally the person creeping on my neighbors too. I don't think it is necessarily a bad thing though. I feel comfort in knowing if there is something fishy going on at one of the neighbors apartments. I know what the norm is and so I know what to worry about and not to worry about.

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