Friday, October 18, 2013

Our Big Bear Mini Christmas Photo Shoot!

This year we booked a fall mini photo shoot with a local photographer, in hopes of getting a cute picture for our Christmas cards, and we haven't had pictures done since Gene got back from deployment last year! I found a good photographer, booked our date, planned our outfits and purchased shirts for Gene and me! Then our fall booked up and got BUSY and we had to postpone our photo shoot. My heart was broken! I just wanted one last fun California Christmas card!

Well, when we were up in Big Bear, I just couldn't help but snap a few pictures, hoping one would be just right for our cards! Let's just call it our mini Christmas photo shoot with a tripod and timer! Inn Der Bach has beautiful grounds which provided us with a beautiful backdrop for several shots:

THAT TREE! Am I right? The gazebo with lights strung up?! That was the cabin we stayed in, well, we had the top floor! That little fish pond with beautiful mountains in the background? That rustic log cabin?!?!

I don't think I could have been happier with how they turned out! Sure, we got a few duds, but for a ten second timer and a tripod, I think we got much better shots than I was expecting! The best part is, we also managed to get one we used on our Christmas cards! I know it's kind of early to think about them, but we got them done! We looked through about 300 designs, picked out the perfect one, and ordered them the evening we got home! I have to tell you, I'm certainly no photographer, but I'm pretty proud of the memories I captured for us but I have to share some of the bloopers too!

This one actually isn't too bad, but I love the one of us in front of the tree more!
Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and I have creepy photo hands!
ALSO: Seriously, this little cabin! It NEEDS to be restored because it could be GORGEOUS!
Because leaning on gazebo poles is totally natural, and where and I looking!?
Believe it or not, I also deleted some that were completely RIDICULOUS, and now I wish I hadn't, just so I could share them with you!

You'll just have to wait until December to see the one we ultimately went with, and and the card we picked out! Gene was much more instrumental in picking it out than I was! AND: it not only fits perfectly with our personality, but works BEAUTIFULLY with the picture we chose!

Are you doing a photo shoot for your Christmas cards? Do you do picture cards?! I fall in love with ours more and more every year!


Haylee said...

These pictures are so good! I would have never guessed you took them with a tripod. :)

Chantal said...

We aren't doing Christmas cards this year! But we usually get some photos done.

Fran said...

I don't think we'll be doing photo cards this years :(

Becky Dougherty said...

I want to do photo cards so badly. We've never done them yet! I wanted to do one the year we got married, but my stepdaughter passed away that year, and it didn't feel right to do it. Maybe this year!

Jane said...

I love your pics! You guys are SO freaking cute! Even with awkward photo hands. lol (They really aren't awkward)

Cat said...

I love photo cards! We always send them, and I love getting them from people even more. I usually get someone to take some pictures around Thanksgiving, then get some awesome Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales to buy them! I love outdoor pictures, and yours look great.

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