Monday, December 9, 2013

For Those With Deployed Loved Ones This Christmas

Call me old fashioned, but Christmas is a time to think of others. A time to give love, hospitality, friendship, and cheer to those around us. Therefore, I have a task for all of us with friends in the military this holiday season: I was gifted a few gorgeous ornaments from Blue Bird Crafting and I want one very deserving family to be cheered up this Christmas season by receiving one!

The service flag is a symbol so many military families know all too well these days. It's history dates back to World War I. The flag is white, with a red border, and one blue star for each family member who is serving our country during wartime.

DO YOU KNOW A FAMILY CELEBRATING THE HOLIDAYS THIS YEAR WHILE THEIR LOVED ONE SERVES OUR COUNTRY? I invite you to nominate them to win this service flag ornament.

Here is another ornament from their shop I'm taking to an ornament swap tomorrow! Simply gorgeous:

Gene was deployed during our very first Christmas together in California, back in 2010. We had recently moved and the money just wasn't there to board the dogs and fly back home for the holidays. It was just me, Bosco, and Fiona- all alone in a new house, in a new town! It was miserable. I had made some great friends on the Vinson and was lucky enough to spend Christmas Eve with an amazing family, but Christmas morning, looking at the tree (which I bought around the 20th when I decided I just couldn't ignore the coming and going of Christmas!), opening gifts all alone? It was hard.

During the holidays we all too often get caught up in our lives, our families, all that we have to do, planning our travel, and the stress can sweep us away! We forget that there are men and women and families missing loved ones, so this year, let's remember them! Even if you're not military, a beautiful red, white, and blue star ornament can serve as a reminder of all of those who are missing this holiday with their family! Head on over to Blue Bird Crafting and see all they have to offer! The ornaments I have are handmade with love and care, packaged perfectly for wrapping and giving, or using and then storing!

Oh, and I guess I should let you try to win one that Blue Star Banner one, huh? By entering this giveaway, you are entering to win this ornament for a military family celebrating Christmas at home while their spouse or loved one is deployed. It's an honor system. It is my hope you will gift the prize to someone who could use a little cheering up this holiday season: let's pay it forward, friends!

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Good luck, friends and Merry Christmas!  


Jillian said...

Beautiful ornaments! I would love to give one to a dear friend of mine in San Diego whose husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan. Thank you for the opportunity!

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