Tuesday, December 3, 2013

God Bless America // A Patriotic Canvas

When Gene was deployed to Afghanistan, I ordered him one of the coolest "Welcome Home" banners I've ever seen anywhere (not being prejudiced or anything, hehe!) from a company called Build A Sign, offered to military families for free! I was so thrilled with the banner and Gene loved it. When I was offered the opportunity to work with their sister company Easy Canvas Prints, I jumped at the opportunity! *Note: I was gifted an 8"x10" canvas, however all opinions on the product are my own!

I sat at the computer thinking about what kind of picture I wanted on canvas. They seem so fancy! Being a military family the choice was pretty easy once I started to think about it: I would use a picture of American flags! We are looking at the possibility of moving to Okinawa next summer and this would be the perfect canvas to take along with us and hang somewhere in our new home! Being the military way, should we not go to Okinawa, I know this beautiful canvas will find a home in our house of Gene's office no matter where we end up living!

What I adore about this canvas, is I don't have to hang it on the wall if I don't want to (even though it comes with a hook on it for hanging!). I can tuck it away on a shelf with homecoming pictures and my American Scentsy warmer as pictured above! The canvas is thick enough to stand freely without tipping over, but is more dramatic than having just a picture there! This being size 8"x10" it could be nestled nicely into a bookcase, onto a shelf, in a tight wall area (it may end up between our front door and front window!), or mixed in with various size canvases (something we'll finally be getting done with wedding pictures)!

Easy Canvas was the first Canvas company I have worked with! I've always been so nervous about paying top dollar for a canvas and it just not coming out right. This entire transaction from ordering, to placing my canvas out, was amazing and I couldn't be happier with Easy Canvas! Have  you given them a try yet?

If you're looking for fun, also stop by Allied Shirts! While Gene and I have not had the opportunity to order any shirts from the site yet, I have a few ideas in mind for fun times and races!I'll keep you all updated!


AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

Nice! I actually just got a shirt from Allied Shirt and like it!

Kimberly H said...

I got our wedding photo canvases from that website! Great quality and cheaper than most personal canvas websites. I love ours and we got tons of compliments on them. Yours is super cute too!

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