Thursday, December 5, 2013

Life From The Front Door // A Project Life 365

Every year I have wanted to take a picture every single day and make an album documenting our life in a fun way. We tried back in 2010 and I ran out of things to document. I know that sounds odd, but it became a game of "What should I take a picture of today?" and I hated it. Recently I was going through some pictures to print up when I decided I was going to document our years of marriage in a Project Life album. I noticed a trend that just came to be with us... we take a picture out front, near out front door, before leaving the house on every single date night we have or event we go to.

THIS would be my Project Life 365 for 2014, and it will be perfect: we're moving so we'll get dates, hotels, our new house! Life viewed from the front door of our house!

Sure, we don't go on a date every single day (obviously, who does?!) but I got to thinking of all the fun pictures I could take to document our life in funny and fun ways: taking out the trash and recyclables, bringing in the mail, going out to dinner, coming in with groceries, the movers taking our things away, the movers bringing our things to our new house, waking up in a new city at a hotel and the doors as we travel, heading out the door to runs and hiking adventures! The possibilities are endless and worst case scenario 6 days a week one of us is going to go check the mail! In 30 years won't it be interesting to see the catalogs we used to get in?

I already know I'm ordering this fun camera covered Project Life album to store all the pictures in, now I just need to pick a core kit! I'll be sure to share how our album comes along! I'll probably journal every few days about the pictures and order prints monthly. I'm RIDICULOUSLY excited for this fun venture!   


Julie said...

That's a fun idea! I like how it's straightforward, the photo-a-day challenges with specific items are too scavenger hunt for me.

Ashley said...

What a fun idea!! I love that its something you guys are already in the habit of, so it won't seem like you are forcing the pictures! I've tried the 365 a few times in the past, and the ONLY time I was successful was when I had a subject I enjoyed taking pictures of, and already was doing so on a regular basis [my kids!]

Mrs.B said...

Love this idea! I always fail at 365 projects but you may have inspired me to attempt it again in 2014.

Chantal said...

Cute idea!

Fran said...

What a fun idea!! I always fail at 365 days projects haha

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