Friday, December 6, 2013

The Fast Food Detox

Oh friends: can I be completely honest with you all? When we got the word Gene might be deploying, food planning went right out the window. I figured I'd take him down to the ship, come home and fix myself a salad, or a burger, something simple and for one. Then it just drug out! Every day, for 11 days, I drove him down to the ship not thinking he'd be home for dinner, so there was no dinner for him to come home to. Our mornings started with leaving the house around 4:50 and consisted of me driving an insane distance, in traffic, for a total of about 5 hours a day! We'd sit in traffic on the way home, starving, so we settled for fast food for dinner... every single night.

I'd fix breakfast for Gene but I'm not going to lie: before I left base some mornings I'd swing by McDonald's for a sausage biscuit with hash browns and a coke... A COKE! I was exhausted and eating helped keep me awake in the car on the solo drive back home. I'd come home and nap and before I knew it I was getting ready to go back and say goodbye, drop off his seabags, or as the case ended up being every day: pick him up! I hadn't eaten so I'd swing through Burger King and grab fries and another Coke.

We were simply miserable. We were eating at least one meal a day out of a paper bag, some days two and three meals. It quickly became our habit. Gene went back to work at the hospital that first day after we knew deployment was cancelled and I still had him grab dinner on his way home. We craved it, and it was toxic. Both of our stomachs weren't handling well, we were packing on the lbs., I was back to joint stiffness, and my hormones were going crazy with all the processed "foods" I was consuming.

Thanksgiving was our first day fast food free in about 2 weeks! We've held onto the streak since then as well! We've been battling to give up the soda- the headaches from it are so awful! HOWEVER, overcoming one awful habit has made me so proud of ourselves. Last year for New Year's we gave up fast food and went about 6 months without any!

I'd determined to set a streak just as good if not better than that. We're giving up fast food, and we went cold turkey. It can be done. We're classifying fast food as anything with a drive through window that sells "fries with that" or asks you what kind of sauce you'd like: McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, Carl's Jr., Jack in the Box, Wendy's, even beautiful Chick-fil-A! (That's obviously not an exhaustive list.) Chipotle doesn't count.

I'm using an app called "Streaks" to help me, since I'm competitive, and seeing those check marks on the calendar really help me feel like I'm accomplishing something, much the same way I used to count how many days it had been since I quit smoking, and then one day, I didn't need to count anymore (for the record, it's been  1,496 days if my math is correct).

Game on: we're on the fast food detox and loving it! Plus side: we now get to splurge on much better food extravagances like chili with sour cream, shredded cheese, and tortilla chips! Something we had cut out (the fixings) but are bringing back for a while to keep our splurges still on track!

PS: I've been sitting on this post all week waiting to find some kind of picture to go with it, and I've got nothing! It feels so naked without a picture!


Jennifer King said...

Oh girl, you are in my brain, aren't you?
We've been finding ourselves more out and about around meal times more often then not lately and ugh...grease and more grease! Not to mention how EXPENSIVE it is.. even the "value" menus aren't cheap compared to making the food at home.

Also, when we've done fast food "fasts" before we labeled things fast food if there wasn't a place to sit inside and tip people. Most places like Moe's, Chipotle, and Subway have "leave a penny" jars that you can toss tips into. :)

Ashley said...

Ugh ... I really need to cut fast food back out of my diet -- simply to help with the weight loss. I was doing so well for awhile there -- and then it was just one burger, one trip to Bojangles, one breakfast biscuit, which, as you know, steamrolls. I haven't done Paleo or anything, so my body doesn't ache after eating that greasy crap. But it hasn't helped me move in the right direction, either! I'm with you on that detox, girl!

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