Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Most Meaningful 5K I've Done So Far

If you've been following my blog for any length of time, you'll know I started training for 5Ks back in January of this year as a means to get my weight loss journey on track a little better. This Thanksgiving I took part in my 13th event this year: The Oceanside Turkey Trot! With a slogan like "Move Your Feet Before You Eat" I just couldn't resist!

Oh, don't worry, I ate my fair share of pie :D

Gene and I registered and were all set to get a good 3.1 miles in before a Thanksgiving feast! I also had the pleasure of being joined by two friends June and Laura, and running with Laura in her very first 5K!

So, why is this the most meaningful 5K? If you've ever struggled with your weight, you'll know losing it isn't just about eating less and moving more, it's about changing the lifestyle you've started living which of course is eating too much often horrible foods and moving far too little. For me, I can't just work out and eat fewer calories. I struggle every day to eat the right foods and make movement not just exercise centered but a part of our lifestyle: hiking, running, going on dates that require us to be more active than just moving a fork to our mouths.

This time last year, one of my friends mentioned the Turkey Trot and I thought she was crazy and surely was not asking me to join her in a 3.1 journey to the Thanksgiving feast! Thanksgiving is a day about laying around, watching the parade as the smell of dinner cooking fills the house, and then eating all afternoon only to lay on the couch in pain from stuffing yourself so much!

This year, I changed from that woman! My lifestyle is a different one, and what better day to truly see that than Thanksgiving?! Every 5K is still hard for me, I still do a ton of walking and I'm still a "trotter" instead of a runner, but none of that really matters when I stop and think that I'm moving! I'm changing my habits and my life one event at a time!

This one just might go down as my favorite race: the view, the friendship, and of course all that it symbolizes in my journey! AND: running down the 101 (Pacific Coast Highway) for the start and ending by running along the Pacific Ocean boardwalk? Yeah- that wasn't too shabby either!


Ashley said...

Congrats to you -- you've done great work this year!!

Jennifer King said...

What an amazing feeling to cross that finish line and know you're inspiring many people along the way. Heck, I've done a half marathon and you've still run more races than I have!
Good JOB!!!

Keely Gray said...

Yea you! You are truly an inspiration to me! I am kinda in the same boat as you, making healthy choices is a struggle every day. I am currently trying to find a 5K to do once a month to motivate me to get more active. Its a challenge but it is amazing how great you feel when you cross the finish line...especially when the event benefits a charity.

Samantha @ 24 to 30 said...

Awesome! Congrats :)

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