Thursday, January 23, 2014

Going Out, Working Out, and Hanging Out // Selfies for 372 Days, Week 4

Week four is in the books and we managed to successfully capture a moment every single day! I'm pretty impressed I've been able to keep it up! We almost forgot one night, but thankfully I remembered right as we were going to bed! Without further babbling, I present to you this week in the life of Gene and Elizabeth:

Wednesday night we went to Oink & Moo for dinner. This was the night I tried camel!
Earrings, Stella & Dot (retired)
Thursday we got up super early to work out. By "super early" I mean 4am. We're working on being healthier and part of that is motivating each other to get up and work out every day. We're still working on the "every day" part of it. Like, we slept in this morning, but we're getting better about it!

Awesome workout capris, Lane Bryant

When I look at our Friday selfie all I can think of is that Fergie song where she spells out "G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S!" I mean, this is a Friday night in our house folks. Gene taking out the trash and me cooking up dinner in mismatched pajamas. Sexy.

Top, Lane Bryant/ Pants, Costco, mens Nautica

Saturday was obviously much more amazing and exciting than Friday night. We went to lunch down in La Jolla at The Lean and Green Cafe! It was delicious and I'll post all about it this week. While there we saw a cute little Map Museum! Gene is super into history and that kind of stuff (that's what his undergrad degree is in, History) so we stopped on in to check it out. It will of course warrant it's own post as well, but we snapped our selfie in the museum!

Jewelry Stella & Dot, (retired)/ top, Lane Bryant circa 2012

Sunday was a pretty lame day. Gene wanted to go to Guitar Center, then I reminded him he's not 17. We bummed around the house all day and did absolutely nothing exciting. As we were getting ready for bed I realized we didn't get our selfie because we were lazy bums all day! So, we took this one:

Monday was MLK day, so Gene was home. Almost a month after Christmas, we finally picked the lights up from out front. Aren't they cute? They're giant Christmas light bulbs that are path marker lights! We had them lined across the front of our bushes! I miss them terribly now that they're not there!

Tuesday night we went to In-N-Out burger. If I'm being completely honest, I don't LOVE In-N-Out the way most Californians do. The burgers are amazing, but that's it. The fries are disgusting, the shakes are too sugary (I blame eating a healthier way for that), and they don't have bacon. What burger chain doesn't have bacon? Either way: you can get the burgers "protein style" which means: no bun! During the 21 Day Sugar Detox I have craved In-N-Out burgers worse than any pregnant woman! I would like to thank Gene for always giving into my whims and letting us go!

Those fries are Gene's.
That was our week, friends! I hope you had a great one too!


New Wave Domesticity said...

I love that photo of you guys at the Oink & Moo, something about the lighting is just so darling! <3

Cat said...

Do you use an app for your Project 365? (I'm using one, and I'm not a fan...) Also, tell Gene that there is a beginner's guitar class starting on Coursera next week. Not sure what his skills are, but I'm totally taking it! (I have NO skills.)

Amanda said...

Love the realness of these pictures. It's totally cool that you cook in PJ's. That is REAL life. Plus, it makes me feel not so bad about never ever leaving my pajamas.. haha.

Nicole said...

Your 365 selfies are the best! I'm not a big fan of the In n Out myself. But I'm not a true California, I guess. So what do I know?

Jane said...

You guys are one of my favorite blog couples! So cute!!

Jes said...

I agree, In-and-Out fries are NASTY!

Fran said...

Love all your selfies!

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