Monday, July 7, 2014

Low Country Last Hurrah!

Gosh, the movers are in and out of my house all THIS WEEK! That's so crazy to me! I guess I've known this day (err, these days!) would be coming though! Over the weekend we had some friends over to the house for one last hurrah while we still had our household goods (or at least the stuff we hadn't donated already). What better than a low country boil, tossed on some newspapers on a table on the patio to feed a crowd on a Saturday afternoon?! That was the plan, and then the heat set in and it had been in the 90's here in town, so instead we used serving bowls and our dining room table!

Can I tell y'all something: we had so much fun that even though I brought my camera out, I didn't even think to grab it and snap a single picture while everyone was here! That food picture? That was leftovers! You want to see people? You get Gene and I, after the party:
We were looking at trying to say farewell as close to our actual farewell as possible, and that unfortunately meant July 4th weekend. We were thrilled that we had some of our San Diego Military family come out to join in a good time with us though, despite the holiday weekend and leave for most of our friends! In retrospect, I don't know what we were thinking waiting until the weekend before the movers came to have this get together, and that is noted for future PCS get togethers! Nonetheless, it was an awesome afternoon!

We sat around (and some of our poor husbands stood around! Thanks, fellas!) and told stories, talked about the move, laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and bonded a little more with some of the gals who have made this time in San Diego so fabulous and some who we sadly were just getting to know. That's the beautiful part about military life- we never know when our paths just might cross again, and we'll get to move to town with friends already there!

It's starting to get all too real... we're really leaving this place.


Kara said...

I'm sad we missed it!

Becky Dougherty said...

I love when you're having such a good time that pictures are the last thing on your mind. Sometimes, it's a bit of the bummer because you don't have much to commemorate the time, but all the fun totally makes up for it! At least you got your selfie for the day! ;)

Katie said...

I wish that we could have been there! :( Glad it was a fun time!

Marcella{The Life After "Trust Me"} said...

It's crazy that it's so close, but I am excited for you guys!!

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