Tuesday, July 8, 2014

OCONUS PCS Move Day 1 // Unaccompanied Baggage Pack

To say I'm holding it together for the PCS would be an exaggerated overstatement. Moving to Okinawa is frightening, full of the unknown, and giving me increasing anxiety. I can get over the whole "holy guacamole, I'm moving to a foreign country" but it's leading up to the actual landing on foreign soil that will make a day drinker out of me yet! All this week we are having movers come, from three different companies, to pack our things in three separate packs. Monday, we had Republic Moving & Storage come to move our express shipment, or unaccompanied baggage! For those of you who are unfamiliar, in the military, the government contracts your move to a company, and you don't get to be a part of that decision... at all. That's scary in and of itself (especially since our last packers in Virginia were a NIGHTMARE)! I was so pleased with our pack Monday morning though, you guys just don't even know!
We had done our best to pre-stage our belongings. I feel like for weeks now we've been making piles of "this goes express," and "this is going in the regular household goods ship," and the dreaded "this is going in storage for the next three years!" So right by our front door we had a little pile of stuff we were planning to send with our express shipment. Things that up until this morning I was adding to! A laundry basket, a lamp, the coffee pot, the cooler! Obviously our dehumidifiers, some clothes, our everyday plates & bowls, some serving dishes, our vitamix! Then the super important things like some of my purses and my scrapbooks, hahaha!
We had three young fellas show up: Luis, Sean, and Josh. They came in like a wrecking ball (in the best use of the phrase)- they padded the door, the laid a blue carpet over ours, they had tape, and boxes, and packing paper! They were like moving ninjas!
I asked if I could take an action shot for my blog- they must think I'm crazy! They worked so fast though- wrapping, and packing, and taping! They were super polite and friendly- there's nothing more awkward to me than standing around watching people do something I feel I should be helping with, and packing my stuff has got to top that list! I only stepped in to help once, and poor Luis was super polite about it (but it was about my scrapbooks! Oh PLEASE let them arrive in Okinawa safely!) My albums are the number one thing I'm concerned about- but this is their job, so I trust they know better than I do!

We'll see how everything is when I unpack it in a few months! All I know is, based off the horror stories from other spouses I've read and heard, day one was awesome! If you are in Southern California and you can pick which moving company to go with, I definitely recommend Republic Moving & Storage! If you're a military family and your contract has been awarded to them, know that I had a fabulous experience with our unaccompanied baggage pack, and I hope you do too!


Becky Dougherty said...

I'm glad things went well with the first day! I know that I would be super nervous about others packing and being in charge of my stuff since I'm a control freak! So, since I'm very unknowledgeable about these things....this is the shipment that will be waiting for you when you move, right? It's the stuff that you will want to have as soon as possible after you're there?

Karen said...

Glad to hear that Day 1 went well :) I totally hovered over our mover's when they packed my stamping/scrapbooking stuff on our last move too lol.

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