Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our Safari Adventure at Rainforest Cafe

When I learned there was a Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney, I was pretty much sold on going up! I had never dined at one before this past weekend, and the anticipation was killing me! I had heard mixed reviews about Rainforest Cafe as a company- some people think it's too noisy inside, some people don't like the crowding. As for the Downtown Disney location? I LOVED IT!
I guess we got there just before 1, and were seated immediately (the luck of a party of two)! At that time though, they were quoting wait times for parties of four and five at about 15 minutes! Not bad for a Sunday afternoon! We walked through the gift shop back to our seat where we had a fabulous view of the waterfall from our table!
The waterfall was a little loud, but I think that had to do with our closeness, and it was a non-issue for us! There was a rainbow going through it, and a mist! It was absolutely awesome to eat by! I really couldn't have picked a better table if they let us!
For the duration of the meal I sat there looking at a bird over a large table. There was a party of about 10 there, so I couldn't just walk over and start snapping pictures! I watched and watched until the left, when I scurried over to snap my shot:
Isn't he simply gorgeous?! He was huge!
Our food was delicious. I'm not even kidding you. Sometimes you go to chain restaurants where the hype isn't about their food, and it's such a let down. "Oh, sure, the ambiance was amazing but the food was sub-par!" Not here, friends! It was absolutely scrumptious! Gene had an island trio or something- tilapia filet with a mango salsa, coconut shrimp, and scallops with seasonal veggies and I had a surf & turf special with steak, coconut shrimp, and they let me substitute in bacon wrapped shrimp instead of scampi!
One of the cool things about the restaurant is that every half hour there is a thunderstorm! They warn you about it so you know. It was the sound of thunder with the lights flickering on and off! The little monkeys hanging above us went crazy during the quick storm! There was no way for me to accurately portray the storm experience other than this:
It wasn't very frightening though! 
On our way out we stopped at the penny press and got our Rainforest Cafe pennies! I'm keeping them with my Disney pressed penny collection! We even got to press a quarter!
AND: we got to see a little bird show! There was one starting a few minutes after we went in, but we caught one later in the afternoon as we were walking back by the restaurant! They guy had his bird and was talking all about them- they are capable of blushing, so the little bit of red on the bird's face was actually him just being shy! (Not the big bright red coloring, but the little pink just beneath that!)
Seriously, if you've never been to a Rainforest Cafe, I'm just not sure what you're waiting for! Had we gone sooner, I guarantee we would have been several times while we were near one! It was such a neat experience and I'm glad we went! We'll be back for dessert while we're up at Disneyland! They have a chocolate volcano, and whenever a table ordered one they servers brought it out yelling "VOOOOLLLCAAAANNNOOOOOO!!!" I don't really go for restaurant theatrics like that, but this one seemed fun! I'll be sure to share all about it!

To see more about our Disney vacation, make sure you check out my "Our Disney Adventures" page for a collection of links to all of the posts I have about our time at the resort and in the parks!


Becky Dougherty said...

We went into the gift shop of a Rainforest Cafe in Dallas, TX, but we didn't eat there. I guess we should have!

Caitlin | belong with wildflowers said...

This is my all-time favorite restaurant! They opened one up in the state I live in (Massachusetts) + we often go for lunches + dinners. So much fun! Glad you guys had fun :)

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